Four Year Strong - 'Brain Pain' Cassette

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This is the only place to get the new FYS album on cassette ANYWHERE on the planet!

Your friends and ours Four Year Strong are back with their huge, hulking new album, 'Brain Pain'!

To celebrate, we've teamed up with the band and Pure Noise Records to offer your first and only chance to own the record on cassette.

The tape, of course, is this simply beautiful/lurid (delete as appropriate) fluorescent green, and only 300 copies exist!

They're available exclusively through Rock Sound, so don't miss out!

'Brain Pain' tracklisting:

01. 'It's Cool'
02. 'Get Out Of My Head'
03. 'Crazy Pills'
04. 'Talking Myself In Circles'
05. 'Learn To Love The Lie'
06. 'Brain Pain'
07. 'Mouth Full Of Dirt'
08. 'Seventeen'
09. 'Be Good When I'm Gone'
10. 'The Worst Part About Me'
11. 'Usefully Useless'
12. 'Young At Heart'

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